Okinawa Praise

okinawa praise

Okinawa Praise


Advancing toward the Indian vehicle showcase, the Okinawa Praise is the most recent electric bike in India that is winning hearts by being the quickest in its series. The model is on pre-booking with its top features representing electric bike in India.

With the EV market in the nation picking up pace quickly, the manufacturing organization Okinawa Autotech launch its latest scooter in the electric bike series as the Okinawa Praise electric bike. Drifting over a speed of 75 kmph, the Okinawa Praise is the fastest electric bike in the nation starting at now.

Engine & Transmission

The Okinawa Praise electric bike makes utilization of a 1000-watt electric engine. Which is equipped for creating around 2500 Watts (3.34 BHP) of intensity. Alongside a massive peak torque of around 40 Nm. The bike is presently made available with exceedingly profitable Lead Acid battery for providing the essential power as its standard. Moreover, the Okinawa Autotech may likewise be presenting a 45 Ah, 72 V Lithium-particle battery on the Okinawa Praise electric bike in the coming months. This will improve the charging time of the bike alongside making the general model very light. The engine of the bike is mated to a programmed transmission gearbox.

Braking & Safety

The suspension obligations of the Okinawa Praise are completed by adaptive forks in the front. Alongside twin shocks at the backside. And the braking execution of the bike gets dealt with the twin discs towards the front. Alongside a single disc towards the backside.

The bike accompanies EABS (Electronic Assist Brake System) for effective stopping power and safety. Moreover, there are features like anti-theft sensor, side-stand sensor, key-less entry, and a “Find My Scooter” area tracker for improved safety of the riders.

Performance & Handling

At present upheld by the lead corrosive battery, the bike professes to offer around 6-8 hours of absolute charging time. With the Lithium-particle battery, this charging time may get decreased to simply around 2 hours total. In either case, the Okinawa Praise bike is relied upon to offer a great 170-200 km on a single charging.

The Okinawa Praise electric bike is considered the fastest in its series in the nation for the time being. There are 3 singular power modes: Eco, Sporty, and Turbo – each with expanding estimations of best speed.


Highlighting a mileage of 35 kmpl, the electric bike by Okinawa Autotech can achieve the greatest speed of around 75 kmph. The whole designing of the bike has been finished with the goal of offering a classy, sporty to touch it. All things considered, the exteriors of the bike accompany a large group of fascinating components for the vehicle lovers.

The Okinawa Praise bike gets a general plastic, lightweight body. There is additionally an appealing LED headlamp bunch that likewise includes the ability of daytime running lights. It has the arrangement of LED taillights and indicators in the bike too. There is adequate usable storage room in the bike as it sports a glove-box towards the front alongside around 19.5 liters of capacity underneath the seat.

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