Hero Electric Flash

Hero Electric Flash

Hero Electric Flash


Hero Group has launched its new entry level e-scooter as Hero Electric Flash. Where the Hero aimed first time for the electric scooter buyers. And with all its ergonomic looks and the leader Hero group mark name. The Hero Electric Flash will have some problem solutions to individuals who wish to travel small distances.

The Hero Electric Flash a highly specialized e-scooter by Hero targets young group of individuals, senior citizen, housewives, and small traders.

Engine & Transmission

The Hero Electric Flash gets its riding power from the 250 Watt electric engine. Which is fully capable to get power from the 20 Ah, 48 Volt , VRLA battery pack. The overall engine specifications come with total short-circuit security for the safety of the riders.

The 250 Watt electric engine of e-scooter will give top speed of 25km/hr to vehicle. The scooter takes 7-8 hours to get the battery fully charged. The engine specification of this e-scooter is join with automatic transmission gearbox.

Braking & Safety

This e-scooter has 16 inch alloy wheel, telescopic suspension forks in front and fully body crash guard for upgraded security measures. The scooter comes with short-circuit protection to guarantee the general safety of the riders.


At the point when completely charged the electric scooter by Hero covers around 65 kms in one go. Weight is at just 87 kg, the Hero Electric Flash is highly lightweight vehicle in comparison to other entry level scooters available in the Indian market at present. The design of the Hero Electric Flash have render as in stylish and And better than average in general appearance.

The front side of the Hero Electric Flash highlights a bigger headlamp. The indicators of scooter have fitted into the handlebar. The e-scooter has its stylish look from the colorful polished paint and the alloy wheels. Some of the extra highlights of this entry level electric scooter by Hero include magnesium combination wheels, a full-body guard, and an telescopic suspension.

Performance & Handling

Weight at just 87 kg around, the Hero Electric Flash has highly lightweight option for the riders. Therefore, it offer riders a seamless and hassle free riding. The Hero Electric Flash comes with under-seat storage unit that encourages rider to store any extra item more easily.

The lightweight electric bike by Hero does not require any enrollment or riding permit. Therefore, it turns highly advantageous choice for the young out there. The Organization claims that the Hero Electric Flash has designed to represent a very steady. And therefore, its balanced generally appearance to make it simple for even the beginners to ride without any difficulty.

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