Top 5 most affordable ABS bikes in India

Top 5 Most Affordable ABS Bikes

We are not as much as a year away for the ABS standards to kick in. Yet, there are a couple of producers who have just begun propelling cruisers that are outfitted with ABS. We list the best five most reasonable bicycles that have ABS Bikes.


1: Suzuki Gixxer

suzuki gixxer- abs bikes

The Suzuki Gixxer is the most moderate ABS bike one can purchase in India at Rs 87,250 (ex-showroom Delhi). Truth be told, it was propelled only a couple of days back. The bicycle is known for its outline and remarkable power. Presently with the electronically monitored slowing mechanism (ABS) tech, this Suzuki has turned out to be more alluring.


2: Honda CB Hornet 160R

honda cb hornet- abs bikes

Honda has been offering the CB Hornet 160R from over two years now. Be that as it may, at the season of dispatch it didn’t have an ABS show. In any case, indeed, there was an alternative to purchase a CBS display. With the 2018 model, Honda broke the boundary and offered the bicycle with ABS too. Estimated at Rs 90,734 (ex-showroom Delhi), it is the second most reasonable ABS bicycle in India.


3: TVS Apache RTR 180

tvs apache rtr180- abs bikes

The Apache RTR 180 ABS adaptation has been discounted since numerous years. Truth be told, it used to be the main bicycle beneath 200cc to get an ABS. Despite the fact that the bicycle has developed old, it’s great to see that there’s till an ABS alternative.


4: Suzuki Intruder 150

suzuki intruder 150- abs bikes

The Intruder 150 was Suzuki’s a standout amongst other dispatches. Nobody figured this Japanese producer will dispatch a cruiser, and that too with a plan motivation from its enormous daddy, the Intruder M1800R. It is the main section level Suzuki that is sold as ABS as standard. It retails at Rs 96,386 (ex-showroom Delhi).


5: TVS Apache RTR 200 4V

tvs apache 200 4v- abs bikes

There’s another TVS in this rundown, the Apache RTR 200 4V which is one the most attractive cruisers in India. It is offered in assortment of variations, making it simple for the rider to purchase the ideal model. ABS choice is one of them, and has been evaluated at Rs 99,995 (ex-showroom Delhi).

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