TVS Apache RTR 160- Race Edition

TVS Apache RTR 160 race edition


TVS APACHE RTR 160 Race Edition

TVS recently has launched the Apache RTR 160 Race Edition. The special edition of TVS Apache RTR 160 bike is based on the past generation of the Apache. It accompanies a white paint with red stripes and another 3D logo on the fuel tank connects as observed on the lead Apache RR 310.

The Race Edition Bike of TVS Apache RTR 160 has a 159.7cc with single cylinder engine which is capable to producing 15.3PS of power and the 13Nm of torque. The air-cooled motor have mated 5-speed gearbox. Like the general bikes, the Race Edition packs adjustable forks at the front and double safeguards at the back. The base model of the motorcycle have 270mm petal disc at the front and a 130mm back drum. The best spec variation gets a 200mm back plate as standard, which is offered as a optional accessory in the base model.


TVS Apache RTR 160 Race Edition gives encounter startling pickups and rankling torque from the RTR over square race inspired motor. The short stroke set up guarantees both speedier get and top revving capacity for higher speed. Synchronized stiff chassis is developed in collaboration with TVS racing to ensure total control at high speed. It also ensures stiffness for straight line performance. Suspensions of this bike are perfect as giving you that swing motion. With adjustable split clip on handle bars, adaptable brake pedal and gear levels, the rider makes the best incredible riding experience.

apache 160


The Race Edition Bike has a LED light which guides combined with the new pilot lamps to form a pair of intense animalistic eyes. It activated on ignition.

Intelligent aerodynamics of the tank cowl aids performance and reduces engine heat by 10 degree Celsius. The beast breathes from within the tank scoops enable a free inflow and outflow of air which heats and cools the powerful engine simultaneously, making it for an impeccable ride.

Bike has the Remora tyers adhere to the street with remora angle like grasp, bringing about enhanced acceleration and braking.


Valuing for the bicycle begins at Rs 79,715 for the single-disc variation and goes up to Rs 82,044 for the double disc.

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